Dialock access control system: Designed for maximum convenience.
For your guests. And for you.

Dialock makes locking and unlocking amazingly easy. Using a single key card the guest can open all doors, cabinets and areas that are intended for him. And only those. A convenient and also secure experience. The reason: The credit card-sized key operates touchlessly and without wear with reliable data communication. Dialock is easy for you as well – from planning to operation. Häfele is a pioneer in RFID technology, and an experienced partner at your side in every respect! This is based on decades of experience in project service, engineering expertise and a close connection to the market. Dialock is an economically sensible and future-proof investment – above all, because the system is flexible and reliable. You will learn more about the advantages of Dialock on the pages that follow. Simply discover the possibilities for your property. DIALOCK