Bathroom Mirrors

If you’re thinking about getting a new mirror for your bathroom or bedroom, you might be stuck on which style to go for. Well, we’re here to tell you that every home needs an illuminated mirror – and here is why!

1. They look good – First and foremost, you can get illuminated mirrors in lots of different styles and finishes, so you can still find the perfect size and shape for your rooms.

2. They offer an even source of light – Choosing an illuminated mirror means they are built for purpose and won’t cast any unsightly shadows on you when you use them. This is because the light is distributed evenly around the mirror so you can see yourself clearly.

3. They can be better for the planet – Because many illuminated mirrors will use LED lights or other energy-saving solutions, rather than incandescent ones, these mirrors can actually use a lot less energy than your average light. However, you should look into which type of bulb is used before purchasing your new mirror.

4. They create depth
You probably know all about how mirrors can open up a space and make it look bigger and brighter, but with an illuminated mirror, this is even more true! As well as opening up the room, you can create a real sense of depth with the mirror coming slightly away from the wall to add another layer to your decor.

7. They are surprisingly easy to install – They might sound like they’re going to be complicated or difficult to install but the reality is, these are actually pretty straightforward.

8. They make you look good – And perhaps most importantly, these mirrors can make you look good! This is because the soft glow of the lights will always make sure you look great, rather than bright invasive lighting that can be less flattering.