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Sibu Design is a leading manufacturer of high-quality,synthetic design panels that have been specially developed for interior, furniture, shop, fashion, architectural and display design purposes.

Sibu Design catches the eye with fashionable patterns and first class product finish.

LEATHER-LINE products come in numerous designs, surfaces and the very latest colours, and are all in PVC-free quality. The range incorporates classic, smooth leather versions, reptile looks, furs, decorative seams and leather surfaces in shimmering metallic colours.

The DECO-LINE product programme consists of sparkling mirror and metallic surfaces in tandem with fashionable metal and wood patterns. DECO-LINE products constitute a non-plus-ultra, whether for furniture, trade fairs, shop design, the display and printing area or the decoration field. In addition, a DECO-LINE programme in abrasion-resistant surface quality is also available.

The MultiStyle programme comprises mirror and metallic surfaces with a stylish mosaic look. MultiStyle products are characterised by their extreme flexibility and are therefore suitable for highly individual applications. Even curved surfaces are no problem for our mosaic mirrors and MultiStyle is simply a must in the display and decoration area.

The SIBU ACRYLIC-LINE consists of patterned, high-gloss ABS/PMMA surfaces that turn your furniture into an absolute eye-catcher. Moreover, the homogenous acrylic material not only stands out due to its shining appearance, but also possesses outstanding handling characteristics and excellent abrasion-resistance. Indeed, should this robust surface nonetheless become damaged, it can be re-polished without any problems.

SIBU DESIGN’s STRUCTURE-LINE is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a patterned showstopper.
STRUCTURE-LINE sheets derive their unmistakable design from a blend of three-dimensionality and the latest colour combinations, and whether in a concrete look, or with vintage metal or wood surfaces, STRUCTURE-LINE offers the perfect product for every taste

PUNCH-LINE combines perforated, metallic surfaces with abrasion-resistant surface quality.
Stylish, 3D-effect films lend the PUNCH-LINE 3D perforation patterns their name and the whole series again comes with top looks and fashionable colours.

A must-have for the furniture industry! Acrylic glass backed by leather and co. creates a revolutionary depth effect. SibuGlas products are also available in an extremely abrasion-resistant version.

Our latest product series, TRANSLUCENT-LINE brightens up any surroundings! The recesses in the sheet allow light through and therefore are ideal for backlighting

SIBU HPL leather sheets combine the well known HPL manufacturing technology with the high standards of SIBU DESIGN PU leather surfaces.

Top quality, stylish synthetic leather with fine Nappa leather grain or smooth velvety grain. As a result of its naturalistic optical appearance and touch, the material is virtually indistinguishable from genuine leather.

WOOD | LINE brings a breath of the forest into every home and whether used partly or extensively, the wood patterns from SIBU DESIGN lend the perfect finishing touch to your furniture. The combination of an elegant wood appearance with modern metal strips creates a very special and coherent design concept.

ANTIGRAV is an innovative, lightweight material that comes from the automotive industry and which, in combination with decorative SIBU Design surfaces, can be used as wall panelling. Moreover, processing is joint-free and ANTIGRAV is extremely light and compact, which means that it can be cut and further processed using standard tools.

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